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CHIHULY Interactive Guide

In this interactive guide, you’ll receive exclusive content while visiting NYBG, all dynamically customized to your location as you explore the exhibition. The guide also provides a photo tour of the exhibition for viewing offsite

Please be sure to enable location services in your browser. For the best experience, keep your Bluetooth activated and connect to our free public Wifi.

Click Enter the Guide above to see where you are on the NYBG map and the location of the nearest Chihuly installation. Click on a point on the map for more info.

In any mobile browser
1. Click Enter the Guide and keep the site open!
2. Follow along with your location on the map.
3. Click any point on the map for more info about an installation.
4. Nearby sculptures will automatically pop up on the map with buttons leading to exclusive expanded content.

Optional: Using the Physical Web
iPhone Users
1. Download the Google Chrome app and add Chrome to the Today view.
2. In the Chrome widget in Today view, enable the Physical Web.
3. When you are near one of our enhanced experiences, links to expanded content will show in this screen.

Android Users
1. Make sure you have the Physical Web enabled (called CloseBy on Samsung).
2. When near one of our enhanced experiences you'll be sent a unique link into expanded content for the artwork you are near.